MNH Curator Mario V. Navasero, along with Marcela N. Navasero and Dr. Teodoro Mendoza (Crop Protection Cluster and Crop Science Cluster, respectively) recently found the presence of parasitoids against the Coconut Scale Insect (Aspiodotus rigidus) which has ravaged outbreak more than 2 million coconut trees in the CALABARZON Region.

According to Navasero,they have discovered Comperiella sp (Encyrtidae, Hymenoptera), an insect similar to a wasp and native to the Philippines in a farm in San Pablo City, Laguna, in March. Navasero said that the insect is a “natural enemy” of the CSI, more popularly known as "cocolisap."

Comperiella basically kills the "cocolisap" by puncturing the CSI's scale and depositing its eggs into the host's body. While it grows, the Comepriella's larvae feeds on the CSI's internal tissues and eventually kills the host in about 25 days.

With this discovery, Navasero and rest of the group said that Comperiella can naturally end the cocolisap outbreak and there is no need to use neocotinoids that have toxic effects.

Images from and Dr. Mario V. Navasero

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