In homage to the intellect and principles of Apolinario Mabini “The Sublime Paralytic”, the Museum of Natural History presents a mini-exhibit featuring the flora and fauna named after the Philippine hero. The mini-exhibit also features some excerpts from Mabini’s writings. Mabini has been honored by scientists who have named after him a species of mosquito, Tripteroides mabinii and a spider, Pardosa mabinii. Mabini's legacy also served as inspiration of plant breeders from UP Los Banos, who have develop an excellent variety of jackfruit, which was given the varietal name “Mabini Jackfruit”.

This is the second of the series of exhibits that honor and pay tribute to our heroes celebrating their sesquicentennial. Initially, the Museum featured the species named after and inspired by Gat Andres Bonifacio. Through these exhibits, the Museum hopes to awaken the spirit of nationalism and environmentalism and inspire us to take care of the country’s rich biodiversity.

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