The Museum's research and extension efforts hope to get better mileage this coming 2015 with the inclusion of its staff in an Information Officers' network recently formed by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE).

According to Director Ireneo L. Lit Jr., MNH staff Florante A. Cruz (University Extension Specialist II) and James DV. Alvarez (University Extension Associate I) have been included in the network and "are expected to effectively and timely share updates and news to other members of the whole OVCRE organization."

The network had its first meeting last December 10, 2014 at the OVCRE Main Conference Room.

During the meeting, Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension Prof. Rex B. Demafelis lauded the creation of the network by the OVCRE Information and Technology Utilization Section. According to Demafelis, the office intends to "later expand the network to the various units of the university in order to solidify the university's promotion of its research and extension activities and outputs."

The meeting also served as a mini-workshop where members were able to identify their strengths and weakness in information dissemination and promotion. The group members has decided to immdediately complement each other’s resources and need and consolidate the individual organization's social media accounts for increased networking and linkage.

Other items brought up were th need for skills assessment of the members, capacity building and skills upgrading, particularly on producing and managing content for dissemination.

As members, Cruz and Alvarez will periodically coordinate with the whole network and provide information on a regular basis, share best practices and skills to the whole group, and echo learnings to the staff of the Museum.

The UPLB Museum, according to Cruz has always relied in word-of-mouth as a primary marketing tool for its services."So, this development makes us very are happy, specially that We have just deployed this year our digital information campaign platform," said Cruz.

"This network will definitely be a big boost to our continuing efforts," he added.

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