A new species of moth from the Philippines has been named after MNH curator for moths and spiders Dr. Aimee Lynn B. Dupo by French scientist Claude Tautel of the Entomology Department of Systematics and Evolution, Museum National d'Historie Naturelle in Paris, France.

The male holotype of the new species, collected in 2012 in Banaue, Mountain Province is named Cleora aimeelynnae Tautel. Genus Cleora is a member of the Geometridae family of Order Lepidoptera. The moth has a forewing length of 20 mm and a wingspan of 34 mm. The species would be most probably seen in primary forests of low mountains and middle elevations from 1650 and 2100 meters above sea level.

According to Tautel, the species habitus is very similar to C. contiguata bigladiata Fletcher, 1953 but the difference lies in C. bigliata's darker overall appearance, with more dots distributed more evenly. The male C. aimeelynnae's antennae is bipectinated on more than half and threads at the apex while those of the male C. bigladiata have hair on a small half.

Tautel has also named, aside from C. aimeelynnae, three new species of moths from the Philippines: Problepsis buwani, Craspedosis ifugao and Celenna lourensi.

A full description of C. aimeelynnae Tautel, along with the description of the three other new species, has been published in Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France, 119 (4), 2014: 511-520.

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