World renowned conservation biologist Prof. Eberhard Curio of Ruhr University, Germany will be arriving in UPLB on March 14, 2015 as Visiting Professor to UPLB, primarily through the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. He has been appointed as Visiting Professor from 14-30 March 2015 and will deliver a series of lectures on conservation during the period.

While being hosted by the university, Prof. Curio will be extending his involvement in UPLB with the UPLB Museum of Natural History by acting as a "Visiting Curator" of the Dioscoro S. Rabor Wildlife Collection of the Zoological and Wildlife Museum.

According to Director Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, the MNH is expected to engage the scientific expertise of Prof. Curio on the preservation, inventory and analysis of the D.S. Rabor collection of rare species.

"We immensely look up to his work on preserving endangered species and we will appreciate his advice to the Museum. We are excited of the possibilities of having agreements with other museums which hold other specimens from the Rabor collection through his assistance," Gonzalez added.

The Museum will also host Dr. Curio in one of its Biodiversity Seminars during his half month-long stay in UPLB.

Prof. Curio has done extensive scientific research on endangered species such as the Visayan writhed-billed hornbill (Aceros waldeni) in the deep mountains of Sibaliw, Northern Panay where he spent more than 20 years doing research. He is also instrumental in discovering new species of flora and fauna such as freshwater and arboreal crabs; and a rainforest landhopper Curiotalitrus curioi.

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