A new species of cone-headed stick insect from Western Samar has been formally described by Dr. Ireneo L. Lit, Jr. and Mr. Orlando L. Eusebio in an article published by Germany-based journal ARTHROPODA Generalis this October 2015. Lit and Eusebio are Curator and staff, respectively of the UPLB Museum of Natural History Entomology Section. Dr. Lit is also a Professor at the Institute of Biological Sciences of the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

According to Lit and Eusebio, the new species Loxopsis waray is the third Philippine species of Loxopsis; the first two came from Mindanao and were described in 2012 by Joachim Bresseel of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.

L. waray was collected during an expedition in Mt. Huraw, San Jose de Buan, Western Samar by a team jointly led by Dr. Rafe M. Brown of University of Kansas, USA and Dr. Arvin C. Diesmos of the National Museum of the Philippines.

"The team chanced upon two adult female specimens in their collection trips and donated it to the UPLB Museum of Natural History in 2014," Lit relayed. The females were already bearing eggs; which were extracted and also characterized.

The new species, according to the authors "was named in honor of the Waray people and their language, Waray- waray, in Samar, in appreciation of the community support for biodiversity conservation efforts in those areas."

For more technical information on Loxopsis waray Lit & Eusebio, n. sp., download the article: http://sungaya- verlag.de/ARTHROPODA.Generalis.6.pdf

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