The Museum of Natural History is now logging incoming service requests and clientele feedback with the use of a simple application accessible at the Director’s Office transaction desk.

Clients are now requested to file their requests only at the Director’s Office and not through the Museum’s different sections. All requests for services and technical assistance provided by the Museum should be submitted to the Director for appropriate action.

“In the past, we do not even use a central logbook because we just had an average of probably 60-80 service requests recorded each year,” Florante Cruz, MNH Coordinator for Extension said. “A lot of information was unrecorded because some of the requests are filed by clients at the Museum’s sections.

With the application, the Museum is able to capture clientele information at the start of the request for service, and more importantly, eventually gather feedback on service quality and timeliness.

People who avail of the Museum’s three main services, namely; Biological Specimen Identification Service, Scientific Name Verification Service and Microbial Culture Provision Service, has been increasing the past years.

“As of this 2nd week of August, we already have more than 200 requests recorded in the app; and we attribute the number to an increase awareness of the public on the Museum’s services,” Cruz explained.

Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, Director of the MNH, is hopeful that the application would help the Museum become more efficient in its public service. “We want to improve the delivery of our services, both in terms of correctness and speed,” he added.

“We can easily use the data from the MNH Service Logger to answer questions such as which services are popular, how long does the services take, and how do clients rate the services,” Cruz furthered.

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