The Refresher Course on the Use of Molecular Phylogenetics in Systematics and Biogeography held by the UPLB Museum of Natural History for twenty partipants from the College of Agriculture and Food Science, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, and UPLB Graduate School was concluded last 19 February 2018 at the MNH Conference Room.

Eight participants received certificates of completion by attending the four course sessions which were held in four separate dates from January to February 2018 while the rest received certificates of participation.

In an interview, Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez, Museum Director and course trainor shared that phylogenetic trees are visual descriptions of the evolutionary relationships of species which can be used to understand the biogeographic histories of lineages and provide insights into the evolution and history of genes.

"These 'trees' can be constructed from DNA sequences available from online databases such as GenBank, and can later be analyzed using a variety of tools," Dr. Gonzalez said.

The course was offered by the Museum as part of its public service initiatives so that researchers and students will further appreciate the these tools to create their own phylogenetic trees and be updated in the use of software such as MEGA, BEAST, and RASP.


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