Effective 08 June 2020 and until the lifting of the General Community Quarantine in UPLB, the Museum shall enforce the protocol enumerated below before any visit from person/client coming from outside the University is allowed:

  1. The client shall email a letter (through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) addressed to the Director requesting for a visit and stating the purpose(s) of such visit;
  2. The request shall be evaluated by the appropriate museum staff/section, concurred in by a section curator, and referred to the UPLB MNH Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC);
  3. The IBC shall inform the client to accomplish a UPLB MNH CoVID-19 Risk Assessment Form for Visitors, accessible at;
  4. The information submitted through the form should be received for evaluation by the IBC no less than 7 government working days before the date of the proposed visit;
  5. On-the-spot accomplishment of the assessment form is not allowed. Entry will be refused for clients who will violate this.
  6. After risk assessment, the IBC shall endorse to the Director the approval or disapproval of the request;
  7. The IBC shall inform the client of the decision of the Director;
  8. During the visit, measures such as temperature checking, social/physical distancing, wearing of masks, frequent hand disinfection, and others shall be observed.
  9. Only persons with transactions with the MNH and its staff will be accommodated inside the facilities. Companions will need to stay outside the building or premises.

For strict compliance.

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