Prof. Annalee S. Hadsall is MNH's curator for orchids and epiphytes. She is an Associate Professor 7 at the Plant Biology Division of the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB. Prof. Hadsall is a plant systematist and has an MS Botany (1985) from UPLB. She obtained her BS Biology degree, cum laude, from the Philippine Normal College.

Her research interests include morpho-anatomical diversity of indigenous Philippine orchids, biodiversity, documentation and conservation studies of mountain ecosystems and phytogeographical patterns of epiphytes. Mam Annalee has recently received a UP Faculty Grant Award in Botany (Plant Systematics) for Outstanding Teaching and Research for the 2019-2021 One UP Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant System.

Selected Publications

  • ELR Logatoc, AS Hadsall, PL Malabrigo Jr, WS Gruezo (2019) Notes on Liverwort Specimens from the Philippine Cordilleras in the Botanical Herbarium of the UPLB Museum of Natural History (CAHUP). Mountain Journal of Science and Interdisciplinary Research 79(2):7-20
  • AL Rayos Jr, AS Hadsall (2018) Comparative Leaf Blade Anatomy of Selected Philippine Melastomataceae. Asian Journal of Biodiversity 9(1)
  • FRP Salvaña, WS Gruezo, AS Hadsall (2018) Recent taxonomic notes and new distribution localities of Podocarpus Pers. species in the Philippines. Sibbaldia: the Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture 16:99-120
  • AL Rayos Jr, AS Hadsall (2016) Leaf Blade Anatomy of Philippine Medinilla Gaudich. Species in Relation to their Epiphytic Habit. Asian Journal of Biodiversity 7(1)
  • AL Rayos Jr, EB Rodriguez, WS Gruezo, AS Hadsall, LB Cardenas (2016) Phenetic Analysis of Eighteen Species of Philippine Medinilla Gaudich. (Melastomataceae) Based on Morphological Characteristics and Phenolic Profile. Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology 10:14-24
  • AS Hadsall, MDR Alejado, AR Larona, IAF Lambio (2016) Strongylodon juangonzalezii, a remarkable new species of Strongylodon (Fabaceae) from Mulanay, Quezon Province, Philippines. PhytoKeys 2016 (73): 1–12.
  • AS Hadsall, MAO Cajano, IAF Lambio, MD Alejado (2016) A new distribution record of Hoya espaldoniana Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano (Section Acanthostemma: Apocynaceae). Asia Life Sciences 24(2):469-476
  • AL Ricohermoso, AS Hadsall, MT Caasi-Lit (2015) Morphology-based Diagnostics of Edible Young Shoots of Bamboo Species (Subfamily Bambusoideae: Family Poaceae) from the Philippines. Proceedings of the 10th World Bamboo Congress, Damyang, South Korea.
  • RD Kloppenberg, SV Siar, JM Carandang, AS Hadsall (2010) Hoya ilagii, another new species (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae) from Luzon Island, Philippines. Asia Life Sciences 20(2):263-269
  • JF Barcelona, MAO Cajano, AS Hadsall (2006) Rafflesia baletei, another new Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) from the Philippines. Kew Bulletin 61(2):231-237
  • WS Gruezo, AC Soligam (1990) Identity and Germination of Seeds from Feces of Paradoxurus. Nat. Hist. Bull. of the Siam Soc. 38:69-82.