Prof. Ivy Amor F. Lambio is MNH's curator for mosses. She is at present an Assistant Professor 7 at the Environmental Biology Division of the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB. Ivy is currently a PhD Forestry candidate at UPLB. She obtained her MS Botany major in Plant Ecology and minor in Genetics (2007) and BS Biology major in Genetics (1998) from UPLB.

Her specialties include botany, genetics, and conservation biology and describes herself as a "bryologist, plant ecologist, conservation biologist, geneticist, spelunker, and cook" A remarkable teacher, Ivy has won the 2015 UPLB Outstanding Teacher in the Biological Sciences (Senior Faculty category).

Selected Publications

  • AS Hadsall, MDR Alejado, AR Larona, IAF Lambio (2016) Strongylodon juangonzalezii, a remarkable new species of Strongylodon (Fabaceae) from Mulanay, Quezon Province, Philippines. PhytoKeys 2016 (73): 1–12.
  • AS Hadsall, MAO Cajano, IAF Lambio, MD Alejado (2016) A new distribution record of Hoya espaldoniana Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano (Section Acanthostemma: Apocynaceae). Asia Life Sciences 24(2):469-476
  • VGL Borja, DB Magcale-Macandog, IAF Lambio,R Brandl, S Hotes, J Settele, M Wiemers (2015) Spatial Patterns and Plant Species Associations of Coffee (Coffea spp.) Along the Eastern Slopes of Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, Luzon, Philippines. Pangasinan State University, Philippines
  • JR Shevock, IAF Lambio, BC Tan (2014) Collection and preparation techniques of bryophyte specimens in biodiversity inventories. IN: Williams, Gary C., and Terrence M. Gosliner, eds. 2014. The Coral Triangle: The 2011 Hearst Philippine Biodiversity Expedition. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California 94118, USA. Published 15 April 2014
  • ALA Barrion-Dupo, CGB Banaay, IAF Lambio, FS Maranan, MAF Rabena, RJD Flores, RC Deyto, AM Fajardo, IL Lit, Jr. (2013) Effect of population density on larval dispersion and pit construction of the antlion, Myrmeleon angustipennis Banks (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae). Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 6 (2):131-137
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  • IAF Lambio, NK Torreta (2011) Comparative study of trichomes from selected herb species of Family Verbenaceae and Lamiaceae. Journal of Nature Studies Volume 9(2):105-108
  • OL Bondoc, JDP Tec, IAF Lambio, BR Garcia, ED Beltran (2002) Regression Equations To Predict Mature Weight of Different Breeds of Goats (Capra hircus) Based on External Body Measurements. Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 28(1)
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