Dr. Alberto T. Barrio, who consults for the International Rice Research Institute and Philippine Rice Research Institute among others, is MNH's Adjunct Curator for Spiders, Chalcidiods and Riceland Arthropods. Bert received his B.S. (1974) in agriculture major in Entomology, M.S. (1980) in Systematic Entomology and Ph.D by Research (1999) in Spider Ecology from the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

At IRRI, he served as a systematist providing taxonomic backstopping services to the National Agricultural Research System at national and international level. He managed/curated the biggest arthropod reference collection in Tropical Asia—the knowledge bank of all arthropods associated to the agricultural landscape.

As a research entomologist, Bert pioneered the tritrophic relationships or foodwebs and below-water fauna in rice agroecosystems, and biotaxonomic studies of rice leaffolders, and as araneologist, he has documented the riceland spiders of South and Southeast Asia and promoted to farmers its usefulness in regulating pest populations.

A teacher teacher and trainor, Bert has taught farmers, researchers and agricultural workers on integrated pest management, systematic entomology and araneology, biological control and its applications, and arthropod monitoring/sampling and field techniques.

Dr. Barrion has authored more than 200 scientific and popular publications, some of which are listed below.

Selected Publications

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