Dr. Ireneo L. Lit, Jr is Professor 1 at the Environmental Biology Division, Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB and concurrently the Director of the UPLB Museum of Natural History. 

Ireneo or "Jun" gained his PhD and MS degrees in Systematic Entomology and his BS Agriculture (Major in Entomology) from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Jun was a Honorary Visiting Postgraduate Research Fellow in Ecology, Evolution and Systematic at the Australian National University from 1994-1997.

At UPLB, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Ecology, Environmental Biology, Environmental Management, Evolutionary Biology, Conservation Biology in the Tropics, Entomology, Systematics, Cave Ecology, Scientific Writing, Natural Science – The Living Planet (A General Education Course covering aspects of Astronomy, Geology and Biology).

Jun' research interests fall under Arthropod Systematics (scale insects including mealybugs, stick insects, ants, soil and cave arthropods, butterflies), Terrestrial Arthropod Biodiversity especially Soil and Cave Biodiversity, Ecology of mutualisms especially those involving ants and of host plant-arthropod herbivore interactions, insects on bamboos and on endangered plants and biosafety of insect-protected biotech hybrids to non-target organisms

He is a Curator of Mealybugs and other Scale Insects (Coccoidea) in the Entomology Section of the UPLB MNH; Affiliate Professor in the Crop Protection Cluster (College of Agriculture), Department of Forest Biological Sciences (College of Forestry and Natural Resources) and School of Environmental Science and Management.

He is also a member of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) National Wildlife Management Committee. He has served as chair and member of various editorial boards of several peer-reviewed journals, namely; The Philippine Agricultural Scientist, The Philippine Entomologist, UPLB Museum Publications in Natural History, and the International Journal of Entomological Research.

Jun is a prolific researcher, having published 60 articles in refereed scientific journals and 24 non-refereed, semi-technical or popularly written articles.

Selected Publications

Corpuz-Raros, L.A. & I.L. LIT, JR. 2013. Soil-inhabiting mites from the Quezon National Park and southern Sierra Madre Mountains in Quezon Province, Luzon Is., Philippines. The Philippine Entomologist 27(2): 151-175. Barrion-Dupo, A.L.A., C.G.B. Banaay, I.A.F. Lambio, F.S. Maranan, M.A.F. Rabena, R.J.D. Flores, R.C. Deyto,

A.Manila-Fajardo & I.L. LIT, JR. 2013. Effect of population density on larval dispersion and pit construction of the antlion, Myrmeleon angustipennis Banks (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae). Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 6(2): 131-137.

LIT, I.L.JR. 2012. Reviving, revitalizing for our race against time and biodiversity loss. (Editorial). UPLB Museum Publications in Natural History 3: i-ii.

LIT, I.L.JR., M.T. Caasi-Lit, E.A. Benigno, A.F.B. Ramal, S.A. Yap, G.D. Sapin, O.L. Eusebio & A.R. Larona. 2012. Non-target organisms on Bt corn hybrids MON89034 and MON89034/NK603: Part 2. Functional guilds arthropods in regulated field trial sites during dry season in Luzon and Mindanao, Philippines. The Philippine Entomologist 26(1): 28-53.

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Caasi-Lit, M.T., I.L. LIT, JR. & A.R. Larona. 2012. Expansion of local geographic and host ranges of Nipaecoccus nipae (Maskell) (Pseudococcidae, Hemiptera) in the Philippines with new records of predators and attending ants. The Philippine Journal of Crop Science 37(1): 47-54.

Caasi-Lit, M.T. & I.L. LIT, JR. 2011. First Report of the Coffee Bean Weevil Araecerus fasciculatus (De Geer) (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) as Pest of Papaya in the Philippines. The Philippine Agricultural Scientist 94(4): 415-420.

LIT, I.L.JR., M.T. Caasi-Lit, J.B. Balatibat, A.M. Palijon, A.R. Larona & A.J.D. Borja. 2011(2010). Postscript to an invasion: The erythrina gall wasp, Quadrastichus erythrinae Kim (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in the Philippines. The Philippine Entomologist 24(2): 100-121.

LIT, I.L.JR. & M.V. Navasero. 2010. Effectiveness of thiamethoxam gel bait against the black crazy ant, Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille). The Philippine Entomologist 24(1): 77-86.

LIT, I.L.JR. 2010. The new spiny stick insect Stenobrimus lumad Lit & Eusebio, n. sp. Phasmatodea: Heteropterygidae: Obriminae: Eubulidini) – The first record of the genus from Mindanao Island, The Philippines and some insights in the conservation of forest arthropods. Arthropoda Generalis 1: 1-12.

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