Mario Navasero is MNH's curator for psylloids. He is a Scientist I (DOST Scientific Career System) and University Researcher II at the Crop Protection Cluster, College of Agriculture, UPLB. He finished both his MS Entomology and BS Agriculture (Entomology) from UPLB.

Navasero is a specialist on insect taxonomy, biological control, pest management, crop protection biotechnology and pest biology. His taxonomic studies focus on Philippine psylloids or jumping plant-lice, which he has described two new genera and five new species.

Mario's time as a researcher is devoted to developing integrated pest management programs for several crops, as well as on extension work. He engages on researches on biological control of insect pests using entomophagous arthropods and entomopathogens, development of other control tactics anchored on pest biology and behavior including habitat manipulation aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of natural enemies and or reducing pest population, analyses of pest outbreaks to understand what are the predisposing factors to help predict their future occurrence and manage outbreak populations, insecticide resistance management to prolong efficacy life of insecticides especially of safer chemistries and also impact assessment of genetically modified insect protected plants on arthropod communities.

He is a member of the following organisations: International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences, National Research Council of the Philippines, Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society for Agriculture and Related Sciences, Philippine Association of Entomologists, and Pest Management Council of the Philippines.

Navasero is a Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority-accredited researcher.


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