Dr. Leonila C. Raros, Professor Emeritus at the Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture is the Museum's Curator for Mites. She is also the Curator Emeritus of the Entomological Museum. Dr. Raros obtained her BS Agriculture, 1961 and MS (Entomology) 1964 from UPLB. He garnered her PhD (Entomology) in 1970 from the University of Minnesota. She also spent one term attendance each in the Ohio State University (Summer Institute of Acarology 1965) and University of Kansas (Fall 1965).

She rose from being an Assistant Instructor (1963) to Professor Emeritus (2006 to present). She has had teaching stints at the Central Luzon State University and Visayas State College of Agriculture.

Together with with a mycologist colleague, Raros wrote the working papers that served as basis for the establishment of the UPLB Museum of Natural History.

Raros research interest include the following: acarology (taxonomy, ecology and general biology of phytophagous and predatory plant mites, and oribatid soil mites), systematic entomology (Aphididae), and community ecology of soil arthropods.

She has published 128 scientific papers, mostly as senior or sole author; discovered, named and described 347 new species and 21 new genera of Philippine mites, and 13 new species of North American aphids; identified and recorded 318 mite species as new to the Philippines; collaborated with acarologists from Australia, France, Belgium, Poland, China, Russia and the United States on the taxonomy of various groups of mites.

A distinguished scientist, she has been recognized for her contributions by colleagues from several countries. Fifteen (15) new species and 1 genus of mites, insects and spiders have been named in her honour.

Selected Publications

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