Dr. Sheryl A. Yap is MNH's curator for weevils and hoppers. She is currently Associate Professor 6 and the Director of the Institute of Weed Science, Entomology and Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture and Food Science, UPLB. Sheng finishing her PhD studies in Forest Entomology with minor courses in Systematics and Taxonomy and Botany in 2014.

She received her MS in Entomology minor in Systematics and Taxonomy, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (2004) and BS Agriculture major in Entomology (1999) from UPLB. 

She is a member of the following organizations: International Auchenorrhyncha Society, National Research Council of the Philippines, Philippine Association of Entomologists and Professional Association of Diver Instructors.

Selected Publications

  • MK Tan, JB Baroga-Barbecho, R Japir, AYC Chung, RBHA Wahab, SA YAP (2020) A taxonomic study on the Bornean and Philippines Sword-tailed Crickets in the genus Rhicnogryllus Chopard, 1925 (Orthoptera: Trgonidiidae; Trigonidiinae). Zootaxa 4763(2):217-23
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  • MK Tan, XB Jin, JB Baroga-Barbecho, SA Yap (2020)Taxonomy and bioacoustics of Meconematinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from Laguna (Philippines: Luzon). Zootaxa 4732(4)
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  • JB Baroga-Barbecho, SA Yap, MK Tan, T Robillard (2019) Taxonomic review of the genus Paranisitra Chopard (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Eneopterinae: Nisitrini) with description of a new species from Mindanao. Zootaxa 4568(1)
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