Prof. Juancho B. Balatibat is the museum's curator for forest insects.

An Associate Professor 6 at the Department of Forest Biological Sciences, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Prof. Juancho specializes in entomology, zoology and wildlife, conservation biology, biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

He obtained his MS in Entomology (1991) and BS Agriculture (1981) from the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

His current research interests include the taxonomy, biodiversity and management of forest pests.

Selected Publications

  • MGAS Arceo, RVO Cruz, CL Tiburan, Jr., JB Balatibat, NR Alibuyog (2018). Modeling the hydrologic responses to land cover and climate changes of selected watersheds in the Philippines using soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) model. DLSU Business & Economics Review 28:84-101.
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  • RSA Cosico, LM Florece, RG Visco, JB Balatibat (2017). Farmer's Assessment of Impacts of Philippine Warty Pig (Sus philippensis Nehring) depredation on Agroforestry System in Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve, Laguna, Philippines. Ecosystems and Development Journal 7(1).
  • R Urriza, JCT Gonzalez, M Sanchez, JB Balatibat (2017). Post breeding biology of the Philippine Eagle-owl Bubo philippensis (Strigiformes: Strigidae) on Luzon. NMP Journal of Natural History 2
  • PM Malabrigo, Jr., AGA Umali, CL Tiburan, Jr., NM Pampolina, JB Balatibat, CE Tinio, WP Abasolo, AC Luna, JC Boncodin (2016) Tree Diversity and Stand Structure of Permanent Biodiversity Monitoring Area in Mount Makiling. Asian Journal of Biodiversity, 7(1).
  • EC Gestiada, AS Gestiada, ML Castillo, NC Bantayan, JB Balatibat (2016). Tree Vegetation Diversity, Distribution and Structure across the Elevation Gradients and Habitat Types of Mt. Banahaw de Majayjay, Philippines. Ecosystems and Development Journal, 6(1).
  • LA Castillo, PG Lapitan, JB Balatibat, ML Castillo, NC Bantayan (2015). Spatial Distribution of Kalantas (Toona calantas Merr. & Rolfe) in the Molawin-Dampalit Watershed, Mount Makiling Forest Reserve, Philippines. Ecosystems and Development Journal 5(3).
  • BKC Ong, VGV Paller, APO de Guia, JB Balatibat, JCT Gonzalez (2015) Prevalence of avian haemosporidians among understorey birds of Mt. Banahaw de Lucban, Philippines. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 63
  • DM Guevarra, LM Florece, JB Balatibat (2014) Anthropogenic Activities Affecting the Growth and Survival of Bauhinia malabarica Roxb. in the Grasslands of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Ecosystems & Development Journal 4(2)
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  • KJM Herrera, AC Luna, JB Balatibat (2009) Effects of forest gaps on foliage insect diversity in the perment field laboratory areas (PFLAS) in Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve. Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology Volume 31, No. 1
  • ERL Buena, AC Luna, JB Balatibat (2009) Survey and census of ground lizards in the permanent field laboratory areas (PFLAS) in Mt. Makiling forest reserve Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology Volume 31, No. 1
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  • JB Balatibat, JR Peras, RJJ Jumawid, ES Fernando (1996) Bamboo-roosting bats (Tylonycteris, Vespertilionidae) in the Subic Bay Forest Reserve, Philippines Asian International Journal of Life Sciences 5(2)