Prof. Noel G. Sabino is MNH's curator for bacteria, yeasts and molds. He is currently Assistant Professor 7 at the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB.

Noel is studying Environmental Science minor in Microbiology for his doctorate. He obtained his MS Microbiology minor in Soil Science (1995) and BS Biology major in Microbiology cum laude (1988) from UPLB.

He is a member of the following organisations: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc., Gamma Sigma Delta – The Honor Society for Agriculture 1999 Mycological Society of the Philippines,Inc., Philippine Network of Microbial Culture Collections, Association of Systematic Biologists of the Philippines, Philippine Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria, Inc.,  Beekeepers Network Foundation Philippines, Inc., Philippine Phycological Society, Inc. and the Biology Teachers’ Association.


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