Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez is MNH's curator for birds and currently Professor 11 of Zoology at the Animal Biology Division of the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, UPLB. JC obtained his DPhil in Zoology at Edward Grey Institute for Field Ornithology and St. Anne's College, University of Oxford in 2012 through the support of the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program. He earned his MS (1992) and BS Zoology (1997) degrees in UPLB.

JC's research interests include the following: Ornithology, Wildlife Biology, Conservation Biology, Vertebrate Systematics and Phylogeography, Tropical Evolutionary Ecology and Ethno-ornithology.  He was a Visiting Lecturer/Professor and Museum Curator at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy Sciences in 2018; a Visiting Lecturer/Professor and Museum Curator at the Kansas Natural History & Biodiversity Institute, Kansas in 2018; and a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Ecology, Philipps-University Marbug in 2015.

He is recipient of the 2018 Outstanding UPLB Alumni for Biodiversity Conservation and Education, 2011 National Academy of Science and Technology (Philippines) Outstanding Young Scientist Award for Zoology, 2008 UPLB Outstanding Teacher Award for Biological Sciences, 2002 CAS Outstanding Alumni for Extension, and the 1992 Luisito S. Cuy Memorial Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis in Wildlife Biology and Systematics.

He is a member of the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines and the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc where he became an official and trustee. Aside from these he is involved in the DA-BFAR Philippine Aquatic Red List Committee, DENR Philippine Red List Committee for Wild Fauna, Philippine Red List Committee Technical Working Group (served as Chair for Birds), NASTPh Philippine Science Heritage Center Steering Committee and the DENR Region IV-A CALABARZON Regional Cave Committee.

Selected Publications

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