Dr. Leticia E. Afuang is a wildlife conservationist, herpetologist and faculty (Professor 2) at the Animal Biology Division of the Institute of Biological Sciences where she does research in wildlife biology, systematics, taxonomy and ecology of herpetofauna. She engages in environmental science conservation and management research and extension in protected and/or biodiversity significant areas. Her research interests include amphibian and reptile biology, diversity, distribution and conservation.

Ma’m Letty got her BS Zoology from UP Diliman in 1979 while her MS Zoology and PhD Environmental Science degrees were garnered from UPLB in 1985 and 2003, respectively.

She is a founding member of the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc., has served as its founding President and is currently the Vice President. Dr. Afuang is also a founding member of the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines. She is the vice chair of the Reptiles and Amphibians Technical Working Group (TWG) subcommittee for the Philippine Red List of Threatened Committee for Wild Fauna.

Selected Publications

  • LE Afuang, KL Cielo, NDG Castro (2018) Mindoro Treasures (Teaching Reference for Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Resources): An Environmental Sourcebook. Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (MBCFI). 450 pp.
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