Dr. Vivian Camacho is the museum's curator for fish, seconded from the Institute of Biological Sciences-Animal Biology Division where she is an Associate Professor 6. Her expertise is on marine science, marine ecology, aquatic ecology, aquaculture, fisheries science, fish biology, limnology and zoogeography. In terms of research, Ma'm Vivs is interested in conducting studies on freshwater and marine zooplankton and macrobenthos and the use and application of SOFT-BIOFORM in fauna taxonomy and ecology. 

Among the research projects she is currently conducting are policy directions for the conservation of endemic freshwater fish Sardinella tawilis and research and development towards the control and management of the invasive knifefish in Laguna de Bay, specially on population dynamics, movement and control strategies. The latter program won the Philippine Agriculture and Resource Research Foundation, Inc. (PARRFI) Research & Development Award (research category) given by the Los Banos Science Community in 2018.

Dr. Camacho holds a PhD in Marine Science from Nagasaki University, Japan (2005) and an MS Aquaculture from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand (1998). She graduated from the BS Zoology program of UPLB in 1992.

She is also currently the manager of the UPLB Limnological Research and Training Station.

Selected Publications

  • JMC Castro, JCB Gonzales, MVC Camacho (2019) Sexual dimorphism of invasive knifefish (Chitala ornata) in Laguna de bay, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology 13(1):105-111
  • JA Parcon, PM Kim, J Estorque, MVC Camacho (2019) Preliminary Survey on the Diversity and Community Assembly of Macroinvertebrates along the Dakil River, UP Land Grant, Paete, Laguna, Philippines. Journal of Nature Studies 19(1):16-32.
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  • MNC Corpuz, MVC Camacho, PP Ocampo (2013) Morphometric and Morphomeristic Variations in Five Populations of Indigenous Celebes Goby Glossogobius celebius (Perciformes: Gobiidae) from Southern Luzon, Philippines. Philippine Agricultural Scientist 96(1)
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