Dr. Ryan de Chavez is the MNH's curator for mollusks and currently facilitates the building up and improvement of the malacological collection. His research focus is on tropical malacology (land and freshwater gastropods), community ecology, evolutionary biology and ecotoxicology. He is also an Associate Professor 5 at the Animal Biology Division, Institute of Biological Sciences where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dr. de Chavez obtained his BS Biology (cum laude) and MS Zoology from the UPLB in 2002 and 2008, respectively. He received his PhD in Life Sciences from Tohoku University at Sendai City, Japan in 2014.

Dr. de Chavez has been a recipient of the CAS Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in 2009, and the Junior Biologist in Focus from the UPLB Philobioscientia in 2008. He is a member of the DENR Biodiversity Management Bureau's roster of experts and is involved with the Technical Working Group for Invertebrates of the Philippine Red List Committee for Wild Fauna.

He is a member of the Unitas Malacologica, the vice president of the Malacological Society of the Philippines, Inc., and a board member at the Philippine Society for Developmental Biology. In 2016, he became a visiting research fellow at the Department of Ecology, Philipp University of Marburg, Marbug, Germany, and a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) HOPE fellow from Asia-Pacific and African region.

Selected Publications

  • GA Batomalaque, GCL Que, TAB Itong, ARL Masanga, ERC de Chavez, IKC Fontanilla (2019) Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit 1 (COI) Profile of the Philippine Helicostylinae (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Camaenidae). Philippine Journal of Science 148(S1):1-13
  • BBV Uy, NM Cadiz, ERC de Chavez (2018) Ecological patterns of micro land snails along the altitudinal gradients of Mount Makiling, Philippines. Journal of International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences 24(2):30-42
  • JC Chua, ICK Tabios, PGP Tamayo, LR Leonardo, IKC Fontanilla, RJC Fornillos, ERC de Chavez, T Agatsuma, M Kikuchi, N Hayashi and Y Chigusa (2017) Genetic comparison of Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi (Moellendorf, 1895) (Gastropda: Pomatiopsidae), intermediate host of Schistosoma japonicum in the Philippines, based on 16s Ribosomal RNA sequence. Science Diliman 29(2):32-50.
  • ERC de Chavez, IKC Fontanilla, GA Batomalaque, S Chiba (2015) A new species of Helicostyla from the Patnanungan Island, Philippines. Asia Life Sciences- The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences 24(1):37-49
  • VGV Paller, ERC de Chavez (2014) Toxocara (Nematoda: Ascaridida) and other soil-transmitted helminth (STH) eggs contaminating soils in selected urban and rural areas in the Philippines. The Scientific World Journal 2014:1-6
  • EY Sy, ERC de Chavez (2014) Siebenrockiella leytensis (Philippine forest turtle) diet. Herpetological Review 45(3):487-488
  • CJB Factor, ERC de Chavez (2012) Toxicity of arsenic, aluminum, chromium and nickel to the embryos of the freshwater snail, Radix quadrasi von Möellendorf 1898. Philippine Journal of Science 141(2):207-216.
  • ERC de Chavez, AV de Lara (2003). Effects of zinc (Zn2+) and lead (Pb2+) on the early development of the freshwater snail, Radix quadrasi. J Med Appl Malacol 12:59-68.