Carren just gained her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Southern Luzon State University. She worked as an intern in the museum in 2014.

The knowledge and techniques that she got during her internship helped her a lot on her undergraduate subjects especially on her thesis. She is very thankful to the museum staff for giving her such a wonderful experience and for giving her a hands-on application of all the things that she needs to experience.

Moreover, she describes her experience at the museum as astonishing. Meeting people who have the desire to study the different ecological systems in nature inspired her to do better on her field. She also learned to appreciate even the tiniest organisms living in the environment. Most importantly, the knowledge and wisdom from the different people she met at the museum will be kept in mind forever.

As for being an intern, she felt very welcome. According to her, the museum staff treated them not as students but as their colleagues and as a family. The experience and memories that she gained staying in the Museum of Natural History is a treasure that can’t get by anyone.