Kitch is currently having her internship at the UPLB Museum of Natural History in partial fulfillment of her degree program, BA Communication Arts major in Writing. Her internship will last from June 5 to July 2, 2017.

Although her course leans more on the Humanities than the Natural Sciences, she believes that a communication arts student should be able to practice effective communication not only in the scope of humanities but even in other scientific fields as all of them need communication in order to relate to people.

Through the learning opportunity that the Museum has provided her, she is reminded that not only should she be a good steward of good communication but she should advocate taking care of the environment.

According to her, writing about the activities and researches that the Museum of Natural History is doing is a fulfillment because she wants to inform and communicate to people the need to protect, conserve and preserve Mother Earth.

Kitch’s interests are watching movies and TV series. She loves to write novels and dreams to finally finish one. She prefers staying in the comforts of her home, bed and social media. She is not actually a loner and loves the company of some friends.