Jann is an incoming fourth-year BA Communication Arts (BACA) student from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She is currently working as an intern at the Museum of Natural History this June 2017 as a requirement of the BACA Practicum course.

Through the Museum’s internship program she is learning the role of communication in interdisciplinarity. As an intern, she is helping document the Museum’s activities by taking photographs and reporting the activities of the MNH-Texas A&M International Study Abroad Program.

She appreciates that the internship program is allowing students to gain experience in writing -- from the initial stage of data gathering up to finalizing articles. She is grateful that even in the field of natural science, communication is still considered vital in raising awareness about biodiversity conservation and the management of natural resources.

Because she comes from a family that used to be involved in agribusiness, she enjoys being surrounded by nature. On weekends and holidays, she joins her family in tending to their garden while listening to old music. She also plays the piano and guitar. Both music and nature play a big role in her life but she also has a diverse set of other interests such as history, transportation, food, art, and chemistry.