Jaymee is a Grade-11 student from the UP Rural High School. She is currently an intern at the UPLB Museum of Natural History Microbial Culture Collection/Laboratory to fulfill the requirements of her subject, SH-RES 3.1 (Senior High Research). Her internship runs the whole months of June and July 2017.

An aspiring microbiologist, Jaymee finds the museum’s internship program a great avenue for her to gain hands-on experience in research since most of the lessons taught in their school are theoretical. She is taking part in a research project “Isolation and Characterization of Actinomycetes in Bat Guano from Sta. Teresita, Cagayan Caves” led by Dr. Marian P. De Leon, MNH’s Curator at the Microbial Culture Collection.

Inspired by the work that Dr. De Leon is doing and as a scholar in a public school, Jaymee wants to give back to the community by serving them through her future profession.

Jaymee love pets and nature. She is into adventurous activities like hiking and dreams of sky-diving someday. After graduating from high school, she plans to take up a course involving biology or microbiology.