Carmela Maloles is a high school intern at the UPLB Museum of Natural History. She is an incoming Grade 12 student at the UP Rural High School.

At a young age, Carmela has been exposed to hospitals because of her mother’s work. She finds the usual “hospital smell” not as unpleasant as people think it to be. She aspires to be a medical technician and become an obstetrician/gynecologist later on. She also intends to use what she has learned in her internship as she takes other biology subjects like Molecular Biology.

She describes herself as “jolly, joyful, and active”. She also loves food, enjoys socializing with other people and acting on stage. Even though she is an only child, she never lacked the company of family members because she has a great relationship with her cousins. Whenever there is time, she reads young adult fiction and watches television series. She is also into sports like football, Philippine games and considers trying volleyball and boxing one day.

Carmela also has travel goals for herself and those includes seeing the Northern Lights and visiting beautiful places like Japan, Korea and Maldives “before it sinks”, she jokes.