Aimee (/aɪmiː/), not (/eɪmiː/), is an incoming Grade 10 student from the Philippine Science High School-Bicol Region Campus in Camarines Sur. She is also a DOST scholar who is interested in chemistry and biology. She hopes that her experience as an intern at the Museum of Natural History will help guide her choices as a future senior high student and later as an undergraduate student.

Her two-week internship at MNH is an avenue for her to experience fieldworks instead of solely focusing on writing as she usually does. She expressed eagerness in learning the processes done before laboratory work.

She is inclined both in the sciences and humanities. She enjoys writing fiction and reading poetry particularly that of Lang Leav’s. She also dreams of being the first doctor or agriculturist in her family because she was inspired by a seminar conducted in their school.

Her friends describe her as “deep” and comforting in giving pieces of advice whenever they are facing challenges. She admits that she may be extremely shy at first but also says that she “wants to grow out of her shyness”. She is a fan of Korean pop music and watches Youtube videos of her favorite artists in her spare time.