Des is an incoming Grade 10 student from Philippine Science High School-Bicol Region Campus in Camarines Sur. As a student of PSHS, she looks forward to her experience with the museum. She considers this opportunity as an introduction to higher research subjects she will be taking in the next school year. She is a DOST scholar who excels both in biology and chemistry. Her internship program will last for two weeks. She says that one of her teachers suggested MNH because it is an research and extension of UPLB, an institution that is respected/favored by fellow students alike.

She describes herself as an open-minded person who isn’t afraid of a variety of subjects and activities. She says she is comfortable and content with whatever circumstancse she is in. According to her, she just makes the most out of every day.

In her spare time, she tries out different activities. She finds that listening to music or even just sounds make her more focused and less bored. She admits that she enjoys the peaceful sense when she is indoors more than the adventure usually connotated by the outdoors. She also enjoys lettering, an activity influenced by her father. She also has an older brother, with whom she plays multiplayer games. Overall, she prefers to live in the moment instead of having too many presumptions.