Chabelita Aviquivil is an incoming fourth year student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, taking up BS Biology major in Systematics. She had her internship in the UPLB Museum of Natural History in partial fulfillment of her degree program from July 19-August 20, 2021.

As a child, she dreamt of being a doctor. But in college, her life made a sharp turn and her eyes were opened to the beauty of systematic biology. As someone who just goes with the flow and always follows their heart, she is now enjoying everything that this major field has to offer.

Even right before her internship, she already had a plan to work in a natural museum in the future. She finds museum work very interesting as she loves to see the marriage of science and art, especially in natural history museums like the UPLB MNH.

Chabs also has a big love for music which is one of the things that keep her sane. She specifically is a fan of Korean artists, and a big fan of the groups “Seventeen”, “Day6”, and “GFriend”, which she considers her rest and comfort when the world gets too loud for her to take. She also does art whenever she needs peace of mind.

Being an intern in the UPLB Museum of Natural History is a very important period in her life because she really wanted to work in the museum the moment she set foot inside it during her 2nd year in college. The internship program taught her so many skills, improved the ones she already possess, and made her see her potential in this major field. It also strengthened her desire to be part of the growing family of the museum.