Camile is a third year BS Biology student majoring in Systematics at UPLB. Her love for outdoor activities and curiosity about various organisms encouraged her to take the field. She worked as an intern at the UPLB Museum of Natural History to complete her BIO 198 Practicum Course requirement.

She has a great interest in insects and spiders and has a great love for the arts. She dreams of doing scientific illustrations and applying it in her future studies as she believes that by doing it, she can serve both her passion for the arts and science at the same time. Her goal is to make people appreciate the beauty and importance of “scary” organisms such as spiders and insects so that we can avoid killing them for no reason.

She spends her free time painting and watching various films, TV series, and documentaries. She currently participates in promoting the science of genetics and outreach programs as a member of The UPLB Genetics Society.