Marian P. De Leon is a microbiologist with a PhD in Engineering (Molecular Biotechnology) from the Osaka University, Japan. She also holds MS and BS Degrees in Food Science and Technology, respectively from the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

From 1997-1999, Marian has attended specialized research fellowships in the International Center for Biotechnology (ICBiotech), Osaka, Japan with grants coming from the Asian Network on Microbial Research at Institute of Physical and Chemical Research.

She is a member of the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc.; National Research Council of the Philippines; Mycological Society of the Philippines, Inc; Japanese Biochemical Society; Protein Science Society of Japan; and the Gamma Sigma Delta – The Honor Society of Agriculture. Marian is also the current president of the Philippine Network for Microbial Culture Collection, Inc.

Marian has published and deposited three protein crystal structures and coordinates of Tk-subtilisin derivates in the Protein Data Bank.

Selected Publications

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