The UPLB Museum of Natural History is a university-wide unit established in 30 September 1976 by the U.P. Board of Regents in its 877th meeting to become the center of research on systematics which is popularly known at present as “biodiversity”. As a center of documentation and repository of Philippine biota, it endeavors to support instruction and various public education activities. It continues to generate basic knowledge in support of development research programs that have impact on Philippine flora and fauna.

The creation of the UPLB-MNH was also viewed as a move to arrest the rapid deterioration of extensive priceless collections of biological specimens – preserved or living – in the University of the Philippines Los Banos which are regarded as permanent assets in the study of natural history especially during this era of intense global awareness on the conservation of nature and the environment.

The museum houses many priceless specimens, which showcase the exceptionally rich biodiversity of the Philippines. It is a repository of early (pre-war) natural history collections made by UPLB pioneers, namely Dr. Charles Baker, Dr. Leopoldo Uichanco (insects), Price and Dr. Edwin Bingham Copeland (ferns), including one of UPLB oldest specimens collected in late 1800’s. As a university museum, it accommodates other equally important collections of eminent UP scientists, namely Dr. Leonila Raros (acari), Dr. Priscilla Sanchez (microbes), Dr. Alberto Barrion (spiders), Dr. Tricita Quimio (fungi), Prof. Juan Pancho (vascular plants), Dr. Clare Baltazar (insects), Dr. Edwino Fernando (palms), Prof. Luisito Cuy, Jr. (ectoparasites), Dr. William Gruezo (lichens) and Dr. Salcedo Eduardo (parasites). The MNH houses nearly a quarter of the world-famous collection of celebrated wildlife biologist, Dr. Dioscoro S. Rabor, who collected over 60,000 specimens. Rabor’s specimens are deposited in various museums worldwide, including Yale Peabody, Delaware Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian, Field Museum, Bernice Bishop Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Mindanao State University-Marawi and Silliman University.

Recent Annual Reports

Our most recent historical accomplishments and activities are recorded and made public through our annual reports, accessible and downloadable via the links below:

2019 - 2018 under the second term of Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez as Museum Director
2017 - 2015 under the first term of Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez as Museum Director
2014 - 2013 under the last term of Dr. Ireneo L. Lit, Jr. as Museum Director