As a result of its strategic planning for 2021 to 2026, the following purpose statements were developed and adopted:

Core Values

Responsible Stewardship

We ensure that resources entrusted to us by the public—including collections, facilities, people, and funds—are put to best use and their states appropriately reported. We maintain an accountable, transparent, and stimulating environment conducive to integrity and professionalism.

Passion for Science and Education

We put integrity and excellence into our research, collections, publications, exhibits, and services. We also use the tools of science communication and biodiversity education to help nurture a patriotic regard for our natural heritage among students and the general public.

Collaboration and Inclusiveness

We work with organizations and individuals from diverse cultures, academic disciplines, and perspectives in an environment of mutual respect, without regard for race, gender, religion, or politics.

Commitment to Accessible Services

We are committed to the ethical and equitable delivery of educational, scientific, and technical services to both the scientific community and the general public.


The Museum curators, core and project staff also agreed to adopt the following goals or focus areas and the respective goals to achieve them:


Museum Management

Linkages and Networks

Knowledge Management

Marketing and Promotion