On 30 September 1976, the UPLB Museum of Natural History was established by virtue of the UP Board of Regents Resolution in its 877th meeting. Accordingly, "the MNH shall be a center of documentation as well as a repository of biological specimens for scientific reference. It shall be a center of research, information and education. Its role parallels that of a library for written records." (UP Gazette 7(9):191) Hence, based on the proposal for the establishment as well as the approval of the BOR, the Museum of Natural History was mandated as a:

  • Center of documentation as well as repository of biological specimens for scientific reference;
  • Center of research;
  • Center of information on the basic aspects of biology, and a facility for training future naturalists; and
  • Center of education on the preservation of natural heritage as its activities will be related to man’s quest for knowledge and understanding of his relationship with the environment.

The UPLB Museum of Natural History, under the leadership of its new Director, Dr. Marian P. De Leon is undertook a step-by-step strategic planning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic health situation. Cognizant to this, an Ad Hoc MNH Strategic Planning Committee was formed through MNH Memo No. 23 s2020 and through several participatory meetings and workshops, the following mission and vision was adopted.


To explore, document, preserve, and curate Philippine natural history; and to generate and share knowledge and understanding to strengthen the protection, conservation, and sustainable use of biodiversity and the environment. 


A globally recognized repository of natural heritage and a center for research, documentation, information, and extension in biological conservation.