Access to Collections

Access to Collections

The Museum can provide access to its research collections to students, scientists, and researchers subject to some conditions and guidelines.

Internally, resident staff members of the Museum have free access to the research collections in the Sections to which they belong. Their use of collections in other Sections of the museum requires the approval of the Museum Director upon recommendation of a curator and the Coordinator for Collections Management. Museum personnel other than curators and research project personnel are not allowed access to research collections except if it is needed in the execution of their duties or when there are specific instructions by their immediate supervisors.

Students and researchers are considered visitors to the Museum and thus, must first seek permission from Director in order to access the collections intended to be visited. A written request must be submitted or emailed in advance, and stating the purpose and duration of study to be made and the taxa to be examined. 

Normally, upon approval of the request, the staff-in-charge shall prepare the MNH Form No. 15: Permit to Conduct Activity in the Museum of Natural History Research Collections and Laboratories.

The following should be strictly observed:

  1. Examination of collections by visitors shall be done only within the museum during regular office hours. No specimen are permitted to be taken out of the room except those which have been loaned (covered by a separate set of policies);
  2. All visiting users of collections are required to register in a log book their names, institutions where affiliated, and the taxa to be examined;
  3. All users (curators, staff and visitors) must follow specific instructions for handling specimens. Extreme care must be exercised in handling all specimens, and the necessary precautions must be taken against pests, breakage, excessive moisture, and fire;
  4. Physical arrangement of collections, identifications of specimens and notations on labels may be changed only with the curator’s permission; and
  5. Research collections may not be used for teaching purposes.


Effective 08 June 2020 the Museum has enforced the protocol enumerated below before any visit from person/client coming from outside the University is allowed:

  1. The client shall email a letter (through [email protected]) addressed to the Director requesting for a visit and stating the purpose(s) of such visit;
  2. The request shall be evaluated by the appropriate museum staff and section curator, the Coordinator for Collections Management, and referred to the UPLB MNH Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC);
  3. The IBC shall inform the client to accomplish an online Request to Access Collections form, accessible at (a Google email account is required);
  4. The information submitted through the form should be received for evaluation no less than 7 government working days before the date of the proposed visit;
  5. On-the-spot accomplishment of the assessment form is not allowed. Entry will be refused for clients who will violate this.
  6. After assessment, the request shall be endorsed to the Director the approval or disapproval of the request;
  7. The IBC or Coordinator for Collections Management shall inform the client of the decision of the Director;
  8. If the visit is approved by the Director, the Coordinator for Collections Management shall facilitate the processing of MNH Form 15.
  9. During the visit, measures such as temperature checking, social/physical distancing, wearing of masks, frequent hand disinfection, and others shall be observed.
  10. Only persons with transactions with the MNH and its staff will be accommodated inside the facilities. Companions will need to stay outside the building or premises..