17th int’l congress on Auchenorrhyncha slated in PH in 2024

17th int’l congress on Auchenorrhyncha slated in PH in 2024
Florante Cruz

The Philippines will host the 17th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress simultaneous with the 13th International Workshop on Leafhoppers and Plant Hoppers of Economic Importance (2024 IAC PH) on 1-5 April 2024.

Since 1973, the IAC has been held triannually as a scientific gathering of experts whose biological disciplines focus on auchenorrhynchous insects — the cicadas, spittlebugs, leafhoppers, treehoppers, and planthoppers.

With the theme “Auchenorrhyncha Beyond Borders”, the 2024 IAC PH will feature plenary talks, numerous oral discussions, and poster presentations on the following topics: (1) Taxonomy & Systematics, (2) Fossils & Biogeography, (3) Biology, Ethology & Ecology, (4) Biodiversity Conservation, Management & Governance, (5) Pest Management, and (6) Species Assessments, Inventories & Databases.

Past IACs have been held in Vietnam, Brazil, China, France, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Lead by the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), the Philippines has been given the honor to host the IAC. Scientists, researchers, and extension personnel from UPLB’s Institute of Weed Science, Entomology, and Plant Pathology; National Crop Protection Center, and the Museum of Natural History will provide the needed support for the successful conduct of the congress.

Announcements and further circulars will be made through the UPLB Museum of Natural History website (https://mnh.uplb.edu.ph) and the dedicated conference website at https://sites.google.com/up.edu.ph/iacph2024

For inquiries, contact the 2024 IAC PH Secretariat via [email protected].


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