Official and formal inquiries

Director Marian P. De Leon
[email protected], cc: [email protected]


Special bookings of large groups for visits

Inquiries and follow-up on MOA/MOU and other agreements

Michelle A. San Pascual
[email protected]

Requests for training programs, resource persons, and other public service activities

Florante A. Cruz
[email protected], cc: [email protected]

Scientific name verification services for UPLB students

MNH Frontline Services Email
[email protected]

Biological specimen identification services

MNH Frontline Services Email
[email protected] 

Requests for specimen loan and deposition
and access to research collections

Dr. Jennifer M. Niem
[email protected],  cc: [email protected]

Inquiries and requests for microbial cultures

Dr. Marian P. De Leon
[email protected], cc: [email protected]