Deposition in the Museum of voucher specimens of researches done at UPLB and affiliate research institutions is highly encouraged.

The Museum also assists teaching departments at UPLB in building up biological collections for instructional purposes, hence teaching collections of UPLB staff members may be admitted into the Museum for safekeeping. However, instructors are responsible for the upkeep of their collections in the museum.

Collections obtained through formal courses at UPLB may be submitted to the Museum and its staff shall decide on their disposal into either the research or teaching collection.

In the Hortorium, plants are grouped more on the basis of habitat preference and less on intended usage in instruction or research. Accordingly, plants therein may be used for instructional purposes only upon consent of the Director.

For inquiries on our specimen deposition procedure, please contact:

Dr. Jennifer M. Niem
2022 Coordinator for Collections Management
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.