Free Resources

Free Resources

These are field guides which you can request for download for self-printing in A4 board and laminating them for use outdoors. Great for recognizing and identifying common organisms for various purposes – biology classes, biodiversity assessments, and many more.

Click on this link to fill up our online request form for the printable version.

Butterflies of Mt. Makiling
Moths of Mt. Makiling
Spiders of Mt. Makiling

Interested in spiders, moths and butterflies, and looking for quality printed materials which can help you identify some of them in the field? We have some new publications for sale just for you!

The new book, “Philippine spiders, orb-weavers of the Family Araneidae” is available for PhP 500.00. Check this post — New book, a checklist of Philippine orb-weaver spider, is out — for more details on this book.

Also, for PhP 50.00 each, we have printed field guides on “Butterflies of Mt. Makiling“, “Moths of Mt. Makiling,” and “Spiders of Mt. Makiling.” Each contains photos of more than 20 species of from each insect order which have been observed in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna.

We have two different systems for ordering online, one for those outside Laguna who want their items to be shipped to them, and another for those residing in Laguna and willing to pick the items up after confirmation of payment. For more details, please click on this link:

Due to limited stocks, buyers can only purchase a maximum of 5 copies of each publication.