Jan Dexter DF. Lumibao, BS

Jan Dexter DF. Lumibao, BS
Research and Extension Personnel

Jan Dexter Lumibao recently finished his Bachelor’s degree in Biology major in Wildlife Biology at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

He has experience working in wildlife surveys and environmental impact assessments, as well as providing technical support at the UPLB Museum of Natural History when he worked as one of their Student Assistants back in 2015. He also had an experience working as a laboratory technician (Project Staff Level 1) at the UPLB National Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology under the BIOTECH Core Project Entitled “Development of Local Vaccine Against Streptoccocus suis Infection in Swine”

Dex is a proud member of the UPLB Microbiological Society and of the UP BBALL Organization.

Recent Publications

Meneses CG, Alviola PA, Parcon JP, Cosico EA, Lumibao JD, Gonzales JC, Brown R. 2020. New Geographic Distribution of Varanus bitatawa, (Northern Luzon Golden-Spotted Forest Monitor). Herpetological Review 51(4):779

Recent Conference Papers