Phillip A. Alviola, MS

Phillip A. Alviola, MS
Zoological and Wildlife Collection

Prof. Phillip Alviola. is MNH’s curator for small mammals and other wildlife. He graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has completed a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Studies also from the same university. Phillip worked for several years as a field biologist with many conservation organizations in the Philippines, pursuing a special interest in the diverse species of bats before he was eventually hired as a research associate by the MNH.

A few years later, he transferred to the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences as faculty. He is now an Associate Professor and teaching wildlife and ecology courses.

He is a member of the Philippine Mammal Project team, a multi-institutional, international collaborative effort led by Dr. Larry Heaney of The Field Museum, Chicago. Phillip is on the roster of experts of the DENR Biodiversity Management Bureau and has served as a member of the Philippine Red List Committee for Wild Fauna and DENR Technical Working Group for Mammals. Among his latest contributions to the DENR is the co-authorship of the DENR Manual on Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring System for Inland Wetland Ecosystems.

Phillip is recognized as one of the UP System’s Top Researchers in 2018, after being chosen as one of the 100 Asian Scientists by the Asian Scientist Magazine and winning the 2017 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist Award.

Recent Publications

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