The Museum exclusively offers scientific name verification services to all UPLB students making their thesis and dissertation outlines and writing their manuscripts for submission to their respective academic advisory committee and the UPLB Graduate School.

Scientific name verification services by the Museum involves the commenting of the Curators on the proper or improper use of scientific name(s) in the student's thesis title or text. All manuscripts are required to undergo this procedure before approval by the Dean of the UPLB Graduate School.

Special name verification services may also be given to other individuals or organisations, but these may already require fees.

To verify the used scientific names, Museum staff use various checklists and online taxonomic databases and provide initial remarks. Curators give out the final comment for the notation and signature of the Museum Director. Verification process would take 1 to 5 days.

To have the scientific name in your thesis document verified, go to the Museum Director's Office and fill up the Scientific Name Verification Service form and submit it to any museum staff.