Administrative Staff


There are ten (10) administrative personnel who make up the Administrative Services section and provide curatorial and technical work in the  museum's eight sections. Aside from being supervised by the Director’s Office, administrative personnel directly assist in the research, extension and public service activities of the museum. Below are the short profiles our the Museum's administrative staff.

Manuel M. Baldovino is Museum Technician I of the Mycological Herbarium.

Rosalia G. Borromeo is Administrative Assistant II at the Administrative Services Section and serves as the museum's special collecting officer.

Edison A. Cosico is Administrative Aide VI at the Zoological and DS Rabor Wildlife Collections.

Desiree C. Diaz is the Microbial Culture Collections' Laboratory Technician II.

Roseller B. Duque is assigned to the Administrative Services Section as Administrative Aide I.

Orlando L. Eusebio works at the Entomological Museum as Administrative Aide VI.

Alvin is the Museum's resident Illustrator, assigned to the Administrative Services group.

Ariel R. Larona is the Museum Technician I of Forestry Herbarium and Wood Collection.

Jun Jeff is Museum Technician I assigned to the Botanical Herbarium.

Charlie R. Malizon is Museum Technician I of the Museum's Hortorium.