Botanical Herbarium

Botanical Herbarium

The Botanical Herbarium is considered as the second largest collection of herbarium specimens in the country. It has more than 70,000 specimens, including 6,500 flowering plant species, 1,000 ferns and fern allies, 3,600 mosses, and 260 hepatics and algae. It has specimens from various locations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and even has some specimens collected from Europe and the New World.

It is known internationally as CAHUP (College of Agriculture Herbarium UP) in the Index Herbariorum. It has important collections by renowned botanists and collected with likes of Dr. Edwin B. Copeland, Dr. Mark G. Price, Dr. Frank C. Gates, Dr. Blas F. Hernaez, Dr. Benito C. Tan, Daniel B. Tolentino, Norma O. Aguilar, and Mary Ann O. Cajano.



Our prototype Botanical Herbarium Specimen Database was conceptualized and developed as a support to the current digitization projects of the museum. Data build-up is still ongoing. Currently, there are 1,924 records (3 families) with available images. More will be included soon. All images are released under Creative Commons License.