Julianne Q. Afable, BA

Research and Extension Personnel

Julianne is a graduate of UPLB’s BA Philosophy program and now pursuing a Master of Science degree in Development communication in the same university.

In 2023, she joined UPLB MNH as part of its extension team and has been and currently involved in projects on social media campaigns and public engagement related to the promotion of museum’s natural history collections and biodiversity conservation education.

With a warm cup of coffee or iced coffee on extra sunny days, her days at the museum involve lots of digesting new scientific publications on species discovery, going through files of digitized museum specimens to choose which to feature next, crafting witty captions, and scrolling through the museum’s social media accounts to monitor content engagements.

When not working, she can be found yet again, with a cup of coffee, reading a book or crocheting for her passion project called ‘Craft Don’t Cry.’

Recent Publications

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